Project Development

Balam Group has a team of engineers and architects highly trained and experienced in the field who understand the importance of quality work. Here's a breakdown of how we approach our projects:

Define Vision

  • Identify the goals and concerns of customers.
  • Analyze existing conditions.
  • Evaluate the integration of the project with the current conditions.
  • Format initial design concept in the objectives and concerns of the client.

Construction Plan

  • Creation of preliminary plans
  • Estimate of project costs.
  • Bring the team together.
  • Confirm the plan and the project with the team members.
  • Confirm the project schedule with the client.

Define the Project

  • Approve the last details about the project client.
  • Approve final cost with the client.
  • Approval of payment plan and final schedule with the client.
  • Execution of contract documents with deposit.