Real Estate Advisory

Learn the main reasons why you hire a Real Estate Advisor from Balam Group Real Estate.

Real estate

A highly qualified and competent Balam Group Real Estate Advisor will help you make decisions when buying or selling a property. Know the benefits of hiring our services:

We know better the real estate market in the area, we carry out a market study, to give you a real opinion of your property..

We provide experience and expertise in all aspects of the sales process including marketing, financing, negotiations and more.

We provide a realistic and unbiased view of the property and give you options. Unlike buyers and sellers, an agent has no feelings of attachment to the property. Our advisors not only want to sell your property but also have the "know how" to carry out the sale.

Your time is valuable, our advisors are responsible for showing the property.

We take charge and advise on the price and the negotiations to carry out the closing of sale, guaranteeing that it is an attractive business for you.

We offer legal advice in reviewing legal documents of the property.

Call us, we are at your service!